Provide SCADA Total solution to the field of manufacture industry, utility, energy, building from engineering of SCADA system to build-up.

 For many years, SCADA sector has a number of world-class solutions to its domestic and international leading companies in the field of technology reflects the situation from the integrated control system and control consulting, production practices and has the information to build a successful, H / W and S / W Design, Development Engineer for the best different ways.

 Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is called intensive remote supervisory control. SCADA system is collecting analog or digital signal into remote terminal unit with sensor wiring or communication, it is the system that central control system is monitoring remote devices.

  SCADA systems are the key features of the ANSI (U.S. National Standards Institute) / IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) StdC37.1 - 1987 specified in Recommendation. 

① remote device according to pre-defined alarm condition monitoring system, which is a feature of the operation of alarms

② a remote external device and optionally manually, automatically, or a complex of a monitoring and control
     function operates

③ receive status information of the remote device, a display, a recording instruction of the monitoring system,
     the display function

④ digital information received pulse, combined and displayed, so they can be used as the recording.


First, provide complete SCADA solution satisfying 100% customer’s needs with various build-up experiences and
      texpertise of industrial fields

Second,  provide Quick to implement / Easy to use / Easy to manage system.